We can pick you up from Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, Legend Aviation, and Scottsdale Municipal Airport. Depending on your pickup location – Additional fees may apply.

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Yes, The minimum is 2 people the maximum is 5 people.

Yes, Freedom Air is an FAA approved part 135 on demand air charter.

To schedule a Tour Call, email or on sign up on line.

 If you are only going on one of our scenic flights then just your self and a camera for all the great pictures you will be taking. The aircraft will have water on board should you need it.  If you are going on one of our longer tours to Sedona or the Grand Canyon then a small backpack with extra water. We do carry water on the aircraft but on the longer days especially when we are out hiking around and it is hot out-side we can’t carry enough for everyone. We also recommend some sun screen, comfortable shoes and a hat on the sunny days.

 Meeting times and locations will be arranged 24 hours in advance of your tour. Common pickup locations are Scottsdale and Deer Valley Airports but we can Pick you up at what ever airport is closest to you Including Prescott Sedona and Even Flagstaff although additional charges may apply. We can also arrange transport to the Airport should you need it.

Unfortunately, not all tours will make it. Because your Tour involves a scenic flight the Weather conditions have to be good. Fort cast rain and turbulence or even mechanical issues may cause your Tour to be canceled. Every effort will be made to reschedule your tour. If rescheduling is not possible then you will receive a full refund.

Flying can be a lot like sailing on a boat. When the air is smooth you can’t even tell that you are moving. When the air is more bumpy you can. If you have experienced motion sickness in the past while driving, sailing or even on a commercial airline we recommend taking some Dramamine. Take the recommended dosage 30 minutes prior to departing.

Average flight time from Phoenix to Sedona is 30 minutes and from phoenix to the Grand Canyon is about 70 minutes.

There is always risk associated with everything we do. Our air turs involve flying and ground activates that all have risks.  Freedom Air Is a FAA approved part 135 air charter operator. That means that our pilots and aircraft undergo routine training and inspections. Our ground tours involve hiking and driving around. If you have any health issues that may prevent you from safely flying or hiking you should let us know. We can tailor your tour to meet your needs especially on our Grand Canyon hiking tours as many find the hike to be rather strenuous especially on hotter days.

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